“This post-modern era is best characterised as intellect driven waves of ever increasing magnitude and pace of social political and economic change…”

Phenomenon of a World as it Ought to Be

We observe that “change” creates order from chaos, and as waves of ideas filled with infinite creative potential that eternally unfolds our world of phenomenon, unveiling a myriad of business opportunities lapping as yet on the far beyond shores of distant horizons in a World as it ought to be.

Existential Horizons Far Beyond Dialectics

In a quantum leap of faith towards an absurd post-modern age that has arrived, the human mind, its free spirited intellect and common will of likeminded individuals, its dreams and aspirations and the mind’s profound faculty in the face of absurdities for faith, humour and insight as politically central to human altruist capacity and capability for enlightened authentic expression and impassioned effortless effort in reaching for existential horizons far beyond an exiguous dialectic existence as to attain authentic existential knowledge, happiness and spiritual fulfilment in a meaningful life; all as the essence of being and spirit loci, will be valued over political hubris for the materially exigent and exiguous determinism of modern science and technology as developmental assets and resource of the first resort.

Transcendental Altruist Intelligence

In this absurd post-modern era of constant change which brings with it its own set of uncertainties, anxieties and angst for the future, necessitates a certain coherent intelligence and enlightened understanding with an insightful progressive visionary faith for an altruist coexistence between the free spirited intellect and common will of likeminded individuals on the one hand, with humankind’s metaphysical command of science and technology over our shared worldly material phenomena on the other.

That Certain Relationship in the Common Weal

Then; to capitalise on the myriad business opportunities presented by this post-modern era will require contemporary societal organisations and institutions who shape the “real” politics of business activities to be capable of adapting to and managing the great uncertainties brought on by powerful waves of fundamental social political economic change, and to provide “that certain relationship” which is conducive to free spirited intellect and common will of likeminded individuals coming together and coexisting in a creative moment of good faith, understanding, empathy, kindness, humour as insights which moves enlightened and impassioned thus effortless effort in common to mark the sweet defining moments in humankind’s journey towards its destiny in a “World as it ought to be”.

That certain relationship is founded on an insightful progressive visionary faith in the potential of free spirited intellect and the collective common will of likeminded individuals for immense ingenuity and creativity in the face of adversity to seek meaning, happiness, prosperity and spiritual fulfilment as authentic existential knowledge and humankind’s essence of being and spirit loci; a reasoned expectation for reciprocity with immeasurable understanding, empathy and kindness as life’s authentic humours in the face of absurdity, as all being the firmaments of human relationships and passion to drive our effort in common and seek its’ just rewards; then a justified belief in seeking shared prosperity in wealth and the health of humankind while retaining an authentic sense of good humour as a measure of well being, good faith and enlightened broad societal progress, as ultimately certain constant foundational altruist values needed in our unchanging common existential quest for societal environmental betterment as a measure of prosperity in the health and wealth of humankind; and all as being the common weal.

Revisiting Faith as Absurd Transcendental Wisdom

Therefore the basis for revisiting faith as an absurd altruist faculty central to humankind’s common intelligence and insightful progressive visionary abilities for acquiring wisdom and authentic existential knowledge as to transcend a relatively ignorant thus an exiguous dialectical existence; are the necessarily enlightened and progressive principles derived from the same unchanging altruist beliefs and values which guide the expression of the free spirited intellect and common will of likeminded individuals towards understanding, empathy, kindness and authentic good humour, as ultimately living an authentic enlightened impassioned effortless existence for the betterment of the common weal, and therefore; faith as our essence of being and spirit loci and an absurd impassioned altruist faculty with the insight of a certain intelligence reaching to move for existential horizons far beyond an exiguous dialectic existence seeking a meaningful Existence in acquiring wisdom filled with happiness and spiritual fulfilment and thus; change transcending being to avoid the eternal youthful prospect of our essence of being and spirit loci, being reduced to the mere vulgarity of a sad veritable accident in “a World of sad cynical and bitter angry old men”; whilst the destiny of humankind recedes in infinity.

 “To prosper in a World as it is”

in living a meaningful Existence filled with the sounds of tears and laughter, and in seeking spiritual fulfillment to reach for Existential Horizons far beyond dialectics as to eternally transcend being,

and Effortlessly moving a World as it ought to be ”.

“A Certain Business Partner”

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