Trading Wholesale Conveyance

Warehousing & Trade-Distribution

Gardenia Marketing incorporates the essential people capital, operation finances and business resources having the pre-requisite conveyance infrastructure and building assets necessary to safely, comprehensively and effectively carry out the marketing trading, wholesale, conveyance, warehousing and trade-distribution handling of select leading household name brands of famous fine foods’ throughout the ASEAN region from our marketing hub in Kota-Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia.

Our Famous Fine Food Products

Our fast growing shortlist of famous fine food products that we have on offer includes: – Bakery and Breads, Bihoon, (Rice Noodles), Biscuits, Beverages, Soya Bean, Chrysanthemum Tea, Colas, Fresh Ground Coffee, Vietnamese Coffee Beans, Fine China and Indian Sub-Continent Teas, South-African Rooibos Herbal Tea, Cider, Chinese Herbal Wines, Halal Meat Products Hotdogs Sausages and Premium Chilled Corned Beef, Ice Cream Popsicles and Ices, Orchard Produces, Fresh Fruits and Preserves.

Our Household Name Brands

Our select shortlist of leading household brand names that we represent as distributors (sole and exclusive) includes:- Vintage Aurora Tea, Tai Thong Wines, BMC Brunei Meat Company, Kipas Udang, Bee Coffee, CKT Ice Cream Potong, and Gardenia Breads, Gardenia Ice Creams and Gardenia Beverages.