Allied Team Group manages markets and distributes select brands of traditional drinks and wines products. Our operational territorial cover has a wholesale, conveyance, warehousing, trade-distribution and retail network web established throughout the State of Sabah Malaysia, being connected and extending from its urban centres and reaching out to far outback places scattered across the breath of northern Borneo.

“Legacy in the purveying of Traditional Chinese Fortified Wines”

  • Imported from Thai Thong Wine Pty Ltd Singapore
    • Whaysang Chong Samsu
    • Mei Kuei Chong Samsu
    • Boon Qui Chong Samsu
  • Imported from Thai Thong Industries Sdn Bhd Malaysia
    • Bee Chew Samsu
    • Kao Liang Samsu
  • Bottled for the Thai Thong Wine Company
    • Chan Li Chai Whaysang Samsoo
    • Ee Ta Yung Tientsin Mei Kuei Lu
    • Flying Dragon Boo Qui Loo
    • Flying Dragon Ngo Kah Pee
    • Three Goat Head Bee Chew Distilled Samsoo