Manufacturing Plant, Warehousing Conveyance


In 1981 Gardenia Beverages was established as a Pepsi Cola International’s Appointed Bottler and Trade-Distributor for Pepsi Cola’s range of carbonated flavoured drinks (Sabah, Malaysia 1981 – 2003) and its start-up business activities was soon compliment with the marketing of its own Gardenia Brand range of table still drinks and beverages. Since its auspicious beginnings, Gardenia Beverages has over time systematically developed a comprehensive range of beverages production, bottling packaging and trade-distribution businesses to provide “OEM” client-beverages production, bottling packaging trading warehousing and trade-distribution agency handling facilities, to serve our clientele of global brand owners. In brief, Gardenia Beverages’ plant manufacturing processing equipment lines and trade-distribution facility and services capabilities are:-


Plant & Trade-Distribution, Facilities & Services

• Carbonated & Still Refreshment Drinks
• Sports Appellations Health Drinks & Fruit Juices
• Bottling Line
• Glass Bottles
• PET Bottles
• Canning line
• Aluminum 2 piece cans
• Steel 3 piece cans
• Established Beverages Wholesale Distributors connected to retail networks established throughout Sabah & Northern Borneo
• Gardenia Beverage Products & Client Contract “Production, Processing Packaging & Trade Distributors”